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Name: Md. Asaduzzaman

Trainee ID: 1122691

Round: 13

Course: Architectural and Civil CAD (ACAD)

Position: Animator

Employer: Comjagat Technologies Ltd.







A Multi-Disciplinary Professional

Asaduzzaman was awarded the best Freelancer in Kurigram district in 2014 by BASIS. He is working in interior design and video production & editing category successfully on oDesk, the popular online platform for freelancing. He is also working as an Animator in a company called Comjagat Technologies Ltd. At present Asaduzzaman is earning over 80,000 Taka monthly. His monthly earning is the highest among his friends who completed diploma in Construction Engineering with him! His parents are proud for him.

Only a few back the scenario was totally different for Asaduzzaman. After completing his diploma from Polytechnic in 2009, he got a low-paid job as a Site Engineer in a Real Estate company. He was not happy with the job but to support his family he continued in the job. Advised by a friend, he applied for the IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship. He succeeded in the admission test and was awarded the scholarship. After undergoing rigorous training he completed the Architectural and Civil CAD (ACAD) diploma course in 2012. During the later stage of the scholarship programme (Round 13), IDB-BISEW arranged a workshop on freelancing for the trainees. That is how he came to know about freelancing. Later he collected further information, opened an account at oDesk and started working as a freelancer immediately after completing the training in the scholarship programme.


IDB-BISEW’s training gave Asaduzzaman a solid skill base which he utilized to work in a multi-dimensional sector of work. Within a year, he picked up software skills related to animation. He also took help from graduates of the course Computer Assisted Animation (CAA) taught in the IT Scholarship programme. The combination of ACAD & CAA made Asaduzzaman a confident, creative and successful IT professional within a couple of years. According to Asaduzzaman IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship was the turning point of his career that secured his professional success.


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