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IDB-BISEW Engineering Department has got a workshop where most of the building related maintenance works are being carried out by the building technicians under the supervision of Electromechanical Engineers of IDB-BISEW for cost effectiveness of overall building maintenance of IDB Bhaban.

For fuller use of the workshop, IDB-BISEW has undertaken an initiative to provide informal Vocational Training to the ultra-poor group of the workforce under the Sub-Contractors, who provide cleaning and security services in and around IDB Bhaban.

Since the facilities are already in place and the raw materials are being re-used from the regular building maintenance works. There is no financial involvement on account of the project.


The project was launched with 5 trainees for the training in Electrical Trade in June 2016. Out of five trainees, four have completed 6 months training and 3 months internship as ‘Helper’ with IDB Bhaban electrical maintenance team to acquire real-life work experiences. At present, out of four, one has been employed as an electrician and one has started his own electric business while two are working as part time electricians on call basis besides their job.


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